A search process that provides solutions to client needs in a timely, efficient manner.

Client Profile: Developing a thorough understanding of the client company’s history, current business, future plans as well as its culture and operating style.

Position Specification: Mutually agreeing on a detailed description of the position to be filled, the professional experience and personal characteristics we are seeking, the compensation package, and other key variables.

Research: Identifying target companies where the ideal candidate may be located and potential candidates from independent research, along with utilizing sources who will be able to identify high-quality candidates.

Telephone Interviews: Finding a group of top individuals who appear to have the qualifications and the background to hold the position and who express a preliminary interest in exploring the opportunity.

Review: Determining with the client which of the candidates are worthy of further consideration. This is the result of reviewing the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses to determine their fit with the organization.

Personal Screening Interviews: Narrowing the field with personal meetings, video conferences or extended phone interviews for a select number of candidates. Each candidate will be questioned in depth about their qualifications, experience, job change decisions, current compensation package and any points the client is interested in probing. We will also provide our assessment of the candidate’s ability to meet the client’s requirements.

Selection: These interviews should lead to the identification of one final candidate to be pursued and agreement on one or two backup candidates.

Reference Checking and Negotiations: We will use probing conversations with those qualified to comment on the candidate’s suitability for the role in question and provide a reference report to the client. After the reference checks have been completed and the client has decided to extend an offer, we will provide whatever is necessary to help attract the candidate and secure his or her transition from their previous position.

Sign Off: Contacting the people with whom we spoke about the assignment, informing them of the outcome and thanking them for their interest and assistance.