Executive Search

Oscar Montano, Inc. conducts searches for clients with management position needs. Our work involves general management roles (CEO, President, COO, or Head of a group or division) and key functional roles (CFO, head of sales and marketing, head of risk, head of collections, etc.) We also recruit mid level management roles that are key to an organization’s success. We can, in addition, evaluate each new opportunity based on how it fits with our experience and approach, rather than focus on a specific title or compensation level.


The need arises for organizations to assess individuals or entire management teams if an executive or group is not performing to expectations. This can be triggered in the course of due diligence by an acquiring company or a private investor, or simply as part of an ongoing talent management and development process. Once the client has identified the goals and key issues to be addressed, we will evaluate through extensive interviews the targeted executive or executives and provide meaningful summations. The work can be done as an independent project, or at the client’s choosing, initiating search assignments.


Companies that are planning to grow or change have asked Oscar Montano, Inc. to serve as an advisor. As companies become larger and more complex, the need to factor the new demands of expertise with the current management group becomes critical. We assist in the organizational strategy that improves the capability of existing management or identifies outside candidates to meet the new challenges of growth.