Why Us?

What are the distinguishing aspects of Oscar Montaño, Inc.?

  • We follow the industry, keeping a close eye on transitions
  • We track industry trends
  • We have thorough knowledge of key executives
  • We identify and catalog successful executive candidates in our extensive, interactive database
  • We specialize in meeting client needs in three particular industries:

Auto Finance
(retail, lease, floorplan, e-commerce)
Automotive (remarketing, sales & marketing, F&I training, back-end products, e-commerce direct)

  • Need to recognize that systems knowledge affects operation processes and there is a critical necessity for this type of talent
  • Need for competent, knowledgeable management to direct companies as financial institutions exit the market and other organizations enter
  • Ongoing need to identify diversity candidates

Consumer Finance (credit card, marine/RV, mortgage finance, home equity, student loan)

  • Continual need for process management that provides great functional expertise
  • Need for knowledge and insight, particularly in mortgage and subprime credit
  • Need for industry expertise

Specialty Finance (including private equity launched specialty finance companies, both existing and emerging)

  • Need for skills at promoting the business initiative, particularly selling to an indirect market
  • Need for consumer credit skills that mirror more traditional consumer finance entities and capital market expertise
  • Continuous credit process needs

Diversity Hiring

  • Identification of management in the above industries
  • Communication with clients to appreciate their contribution to their companies
  • Working with clients to create a successful environment for both the candidate and the client